The Need for Our Work

Some of the most common unmet needs for the members YASU serves are food insecurity, access to mental health services (i.e., individual therapy), as well as financial assistance for paying medical bills, utilities, rent and/or mortgage. These challenges create undue stress and burden at an already vulnerable time in these individual’s lives.

YASU provides them with a community and opportunities to benefit from our wealth of programming that offers a variety of support.

Outcomes and Results


There’s nothing like YASU to help young adult cancer survivors, with what feels like astronomical challenges from having small children, to student loans to managing mortgages and other debts, etc. I am grateful every day to have found this group

Trish, YA Survivor

Tackling the daily duties of motherhood, work and trying to heal from all that cancer throws your way can be exhausting. YASU comes alongside and meets the unique needs of those of us walking this road at this stage of life. It’s comforting to have such an outreach in ways that you wouldn’t understand until it’s you in this position..

Shannon, YA Survivor

These grants are essential to us because at our age we have medical debt on top of paying off student loans, putting a down payment on our first house and raising children. This stage of life is stressful enough let alone adding in cancer

Ashley, YA Survivor

This is a lifeline for young survivors. With kids in your life you don’t know how you are going to make it all happen.

Kathy, Co-Survivor

Rae of Hope Program

Raelene Lauer was 32 years old when she passed away on August 3, 2021 from her 10 month battle with breast cancer. To carry on her legacy of enjoying small getaways and relaxing moments, Rae of Hope was established. Rae of Hope is a YASU program that provides free daylong or overnight respite trips to our members.

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